Trading & hedging


Arbitrage trading

 The Arbitrage Division operates as a globally coordinated team to provide best execution to clients and greater efficiency to financial markets across the spectrum of asset classes and financial products.

Cash equities

Our cash equities business is a global, full-service institutional broker with highly rated sales people.


Our presence across the entire spectrum of the commodities markets enables us to deliver comprehensive financing and risk management solutions for our clients.


Operating on a 24-hour basis, we provide services to help our client's trade foreign exchange and hedge their FX exposures.


The Derivatives Division focuses on the distribution of Asian, Japanese, Australian and South African equity derivative products to global customers, with market leading single stock capacity.

Execution services

Macquarie Execution Services partners with clients around the world to help them achieve their global trading objectives.

Fixed income

Our fixed income business specialises in Australian fixed income, US high-yield and distressed credit and Asian and emerging markets.


Our clients benefit from incisive, up-to-the-minute information to help them make the most of the significant opportunities offered by the futures market.

Portfolio solutions

For clients with externally managed portfolios we provide innovative trading and risk management solutions to allow efficient implementation of investment decisions.


Macquarie has a wide range of Warrants and listed products including Trading Warrants, International Warrants, and Knock-out Warrants.


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