About Macquarie Group Foundation


As the philanthropic arm of Macquarie Group, the Macquarie Group Foundation is one of Australia's oldest and largest corporate benefactors, providing support across the community spectrum including health care and research, education, the arts, welfare and the environment.

Together with Macquarie staff, the Foundation has contributed more than $US200 million to over 2,500 community organisations since its inception in 1985. The Foundation also builds and strengthens staff community involvement in the many cities around the world where Macquarie has offices.

In the 12 months to 31 March 2014, Macquarie staff raised and/or donated $US9.7 million, which the Foundation matched in addition to its continuing grants to community organisations, taking Macquarie's total contribution to the community to over $US22.8 million. Macquarie's staff also provided more than 32,000 hours of support to not-for-profit organisations in a volunteer, pro bono, board and executive capacity.

The Foundation takes particular pride in the depth of support it provides. Many of our community partners, in addition to receiving a Foundation grant, benefit from fundraising and volunteer support from Macquarie staff, regular donations through the Macquarie Giving program and have a Macquarie staff member serving on its board. We also offer community resourcing workshops to share our professional skills with the not-for-profit sector, enabling us to build deep and enduring relationships with community organisations. In addition, the Foundation works on a range of initiatives to build the sustainability of the sector, including funding growth and collaboration strategies.

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